Setting Price – HVV

Push the mode button on the control board. Push the #1 selection until SET PRICES, then hit the #3 selection button to enter. You will see SELECTION 1.  Price is set by selection. Push the #1 selection to scroll through individual selections or to go to ALL SELECTIONS. Using ALL SELECTIONS, the prices on all selections can be changed at once. When entering into a single selection or ALL … [Read more...]

Setting Depth – HVV

Push the mode button on the control board. Push #1 until SET SELECTION DEPTH, then enter in with the #3 selection. You will see SELECTION 1, followed by the current depth setting for that selection. Pushing #1, you can scroll though selections 1-12 or ALL SELECTIONS. Push #3 to enter into the individual selection number or ALL SELECTIONS. MERLIN HVV:  Set “1” for bottles or “2” for … [Read more...]

Custom Space-to-Sales – HVV

Push mode button on the control board. Push #1 selection until SPACE TO SALES, then push #3 selection to enter in. Push #1 selection until CUSTOM StS, then push #3 selection. Push #1 selection until CLEAR SETTINGS?, then push #3 selection. Push #4 selection.  You will see SAVESETTINGS?.  Push #3 selection, and the display will show SPACE TO SALES. Push #3 to enter back into SPACE TO … [Read more...]

18. Compressor Jumper Test Kit

SUBJECT: Compressor Jumper Test Kit REVISION: 04 MODELS: All venders PURPOSE: The purpose of the compressor jumper test kit is to provide a simple on-site check for the cause of failure when the compressor will not operate and vender has correct power. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 18 … [Read more...]

38. Evaporator Frost

SUBJECT: Evaporator Frost REVISION: 03 MODELS: Venders with Cold Control PURPOSE: This bulletin explains what to do in the rare case where frost has accumulated on the evaporator. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 38 … [Read more...]

160. IEC Switch Repair

SUBJECT: IEC Switch Repair REVISION: 03 MODELS: All IEC venders PURPOSE: When the IEC Switch Activator doesn’t make proper contact with the IEC Switch because of stripped screws. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 160 … [Read more...]

109. Installation of Heater Kit

SUBJECT: Installation of Heater Kit REVISION: 10 MODELS: Merlin III, GII VII, GIII, Merlin IV, TDV, HVV PURPOSE: The heater pad kit is designed to prevent products from freezing inside the vender in cold climates. This bulletin describes the proper procedure for installing the kit. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 109 … [Read more...]

237. Anti-static Harness Bag

SUBJECT: Anti-static Harness Bag REVISION: 00 MODELS: HVV PURPOSE: Beginning with serial number 200324FA00001, an anti-static bag is used to cover the wiring connections at the bottom of the HVV’s main door. The purpose of this bag is to protect the harnessing from moisture. It is very important to replace this bag if it has been removed for any reason. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 237 … [Read more...]

238. Bottle Lift Kit Installation

SUBJECT: Bottle Lift Kit Installation REVISION: 00 MODELS: Merlin HVV PURPOSE: This kit is designed to prevent bottles from standing up before they exit the port door. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 238 … [Read more...]

240. Incorrect Depth Setting on HVV

SUBJECT: Incorrect Depth Setting on HVV REVISION: 00 MODELS: Merlin HVV (models 768-12 and 650-12) PURPOSE: When vending bottles in Merlin HVV (before serial number 200336FA00001), there is a potential for false sold-out conditions. This was caused by a programming error in the set-up software used by Royal Vendors for menu customization. It has now been corrected. This problem is easily … [Read more...]