240. Incorrect Depth Setting on HVV

SUBJECT: Incorrect Depth Setting on HVV
MODELS: Merlin HVV (models 768-12 and 650-12)

When vending bottles in Merlin HVV (before serial number 200336FA00001), there is a potential for false sold-out conditions. This was caused by a programming error in the set-up software used by Royal Vendors for menu customization. It has now been corrected. This problem is easily resolved by manually correcting the selection depth settings. Note: This problem is only with the Set Selection Depth portion of Royal Vendors’ set-up software for vender programming. It does not affect the function of the control board, and no associated problem exists within the HVV control board. If the selection depths have been reset at any point after the vender has been shipped from the factory, this problem will have been corrected.

Download PDF: Service Bulletin 240