worker-photoRoyal Remanufacturing, LLC, is the premier vending machine remanufacturer in the United States.  Since 2004 we have been the company of choice for businesses that use bottle or can vending machines, or refrigerated merchandisers (coolers and freezers).

What sets us apart from our competition is our experience, our resources and our commitment to excellence. Bottlers and vending companies can rely on Royal Remanufacturing to keep their equipment market-ready. Having multiple locations in the United States allows us to provide a consistent product for customers across the country. Royal Remanufacturing provides high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. We use existing assets to provide the consumer “like new” products that we guarantee.

Unilever-Pics-2Until recently, vending equipment technology was slow to change. A piece of equipment would last for years—perhaps decades. With just an occasional paint job and some new graphics, the equipment was like new. Today, new equipment is evolving at a fast pace. Simply painting and adding new graphics to a machine is no longer the answer to keeping equipment market ready and relevant. Royal Remanufacturing has the resources to develop and provide solutions to meet today’s ever-changing customer needs and governmental regulatory requirements. Royal Remanufacturing embodies a culture of continuous improvement. We have led the way in developing energy-saving solutions for older vending machines. We continue to develop processes and systems that maximize vending equipment’s useful lifespan. While other remanufacturing operations have come and gone, Royal Remanufacturing continues to provide our customers value-added solutions to maximize our customer’s assets.

Royal Remanufacturing is wholly owned by Royal Vendors.  Royal Remanufacturing has locations Mt. View, MO.

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