Custom Space-to-Sales – HVV

  1. Push mode button on the control board.
  2. Push #1 selection until SPACE TO SALES, then push #3 selection to enter in.
  3. Push #1 selection until CUSTOM StS, then push #3 selection.
  4. Push #1 selection until CLEAR SETTINGS?, then push #3 selection.
  5. Push #4 selection.  You will see SAVESETTINGS?.  Push #3 selection, and the display will show SPACE TO SALES.
  6. Push #3 to enter back into SPACE TO SALES, and scroll to CUSTOM StS with #1.
  7. Enter into CUSTOM StS with #3 selection.  Push #1 selection until you see SELECTION 1, then a blank screen.  The blank screen means no columns assigned.
  8. Enter into the selection you wish to assign using #3.  You will see COLUMN 1.
  9. Scroll through the columns with the #1 selection.
  10. Push the #3 selection button at the column you wish to assign.
  11. You will now see a 0 start to flash. (0 = unassigned, 1 = assigned)
  12. Change the 0 to a 1 by pushing the #1 selection.
  13. After changing the 0 to a 1, hit the #3 selection to lock it in.
  14. Once you have assigned the column to the selection, exit out with #4.
  15. You will see the selection number and then the columns that are assigned.
  16. Scroll through all the selections and assign columns to selections.
  17. Once you are finished, press the #4 selection.  You will see SAVE SETTINGS?.
  18. Push the #3 selection button to save the space-to-sales assignments.

Download as pdf: Custom Space-to-Sales – HVV