Setting Depth – HVV

  1. Push the mode button on the control board.
  2. Push #1 until SET SELECTION DEPTH, then enter in with the #3 selection.
  3. You will see SELECTION 1, followed by the current depth setting for that selection.
  4. Pushing #1, you can scroll though selections 1-12 or ALL SELECTIONS.
  5. Push #3 to enter into the individual selection number or ALL SELECTIONS.
  6. MERLIN HVV:  Set “1” for bottles or “2” for cans. TDV HVV:  Set “2” for bottles or “3” for cans.
  7. Press the #3 selection to save setting.
  8. When you are finished, exit out with the #4 selection button.

Download as pdf: Setting Depth – HVV