78. GIII Controller Chute Sensor Adjustment

Subject: GIII Controller Chute Sensor Adjustment Revision: 00 Models: All GIII / GIII Plus models Tools required: Flat screwdriver Estimated time: <2 minutes Information: This document describes the correct procedure for adjusting the sensitivity of the chute sensor on venders with GIII controllers. Download PDF: Helpful Hint 78 … [Read more...]

388. Coin Slot Hole Blocker Installation

SUBJECT: Coin Slot Hole Blocker Installation REVISION: 01 MODELS: CCIV, GIII Plus, RVV 500 (non-ADA) PURPOSE: This bulletin explains the procedure for installing the coin slot hole blocker, which prevents customers from inserting coins in venders with whole-dollar sales prices or card-only sales. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 388 … [Read more...]

47. CCIV Interconnections

Subject: CCIV Interconnections Revision: 02 Models: CCIV Tools required: N/A Estimated time: N/A Purpose: This bulletin shows the harness / cable connections between the computer, monitor, and PayLink device. It also includes part numbers and color codes for the cables and harnesses. (Each cable or harness has a colored label wrapped around one end, except black.) Download … [Read more...]