346. Cooler Caster Kit Installation

SUBJECT: Cooler Caster Kit Installation REVISION: 02 MODELS: Royal Vendors Coolers PURPOSE: This bulletin explains the procedure for installing casters on Royal Vendors Coolers. Download PDF: Service Bulletin 346 … [Read more...]

65. Health Safety Controller Test

Subject: Health Safety Controller Test Revision: 01 Models: RVCH-027, RVCFH-027 Tools required: Phillips screwdriver Estimated time: 5 minutes Purpose: This document describes the procedure for testing the safety locking mechanism on the Royal Vendors Coolers and Freezers with Health Safety Controllers installed. Download PDF: Helpful Hint 65 … [Read more...]

61. Danfoss Compressors for Australia

Subject: Danfoss Compressors for Australia Revision: 00 Models: All venders / coolers built for Australian market Tools required: N/A Estimated time: N/A Purpose: Refrigeration units in all venders and coolers now built for Australian market will be equipped with Danfoss compressors. This Helpful Hint describes how to differentiate the Danfoss compressors from the previously-used … [Read more...]

51. Cooler Door Replacement

Subject: Cooler Door Replacement Revision: 00 Models: Royal Vendors Coolers Tools required: Phillips screwdriver, 5/16" (8 mm) and 7/16" (12 mm) wrenches, ratchet with 7/16" (12 mm) socket Estimated time: 10 minutes Purpose: This Helpful Hint describes the procedure for replacing the door on a Royal Vendors Cooler. Download PDF: Helpful Hint 51 … [Read more...]