Shasta – RVC-27 Vendor

MerlinIV_Shasta_02052014_Page_1More Than Just Good Looks.
  • Highly reliable 24 volt direct-drive delivery system.
  • Package flexibility without shims, adjustments, and kits for most packages.
Best Space to Sales Detail
  • 12 columns for 650 and 768 models versus 10 on other venders providing better space-to-sales management and increasing profitability
Product Delivery Sensor
  • Highly reliable across the wide spectrum of today’s products and packages
Energy Efficient
  • Econocool refrigeration system
  • ENERGY STAR® Tier 3 compliant, allowing even further energy savings
  • Optional LED lighting decreases energy consumption and increases lighting system life
Did you know?
  • Merlin IV machines have vended over 9 billion soft drinks
  • This vendor is 99% recyclable

Download PDF: Shasta – MerlinIV