Setting Depth – Merlin IV

  1. Push the mode button on the control board.
  2. Push #1 selection until “PASS,” hit the #3 selection, then input pass code (4231). Note: Revision 67100-6 and higher will not include PASS.
  3. Push the #1 selection until “SDEP,” then enter in with the #3 selection.
  4. You will see “S1” (selection 1), followed by a 1, 2, or 3 (depth setting).
  5. You can scroll though selections 1-12 or “ALL” with #1 selection.
  6. Enter into “ALL” and change all of the selections at one time, or enter into the individual selections.  Change them to “1” for bottles or “2” for cans.  Pushing the #1 selection when it is flashing will enter your choice.
  7. Exit out by holding down on the #3 selection.

Download as pdf: Setting Depth – Merlin IV