Setting Depth – GIII KO

  1. Push the mode button on the vender’s control board.
  2. Push #2 selection until “PASS,” input the pass code (4231), then press #4 to enter.
  3. Push the #2 selection until “SdEP,” then enter in with the #4 selection
  4. You will see “01,” meaning selection 1.  By pushing the #2 selection, you can scroll though selections 1-13 or “ALL.”
  5. Enter into “ALL” to change all of the selections at one time, or change the selections individually.   Set “1” for bottles or “2” for cans.  Press the #4 selection to save setting.
  6. When you are finished, press the #1 selection to exit.

Download as pdf: Setting Depth – GIII KO