Mr. Pure – Vision Cooler

  • High density, foamed-in-place, one-piece cabinet provides maximum degree of structural integrity.
  • Units can be stacked three high optimizing inventory storage space.
  • Header is constructed of heavy gauge steel for longevity and ease of re-manufacturing.
  • Grill made of heavy gauge steel for durability.
Easy to Maintain.
  • Slide in/out refrigeration module allows for ease of cleaning and replacement.
  • Temperature control not visible to loader or customer discouraging unnecessary adjustment.
  • NSF listed, UL listed and Energy Star® Tier 3 compliant for LED-equipped coolers.
  • Protective lamp shield.
  • No exposed wiring on outside of cooler optimizing safety and cosmetics.
  • Two piece power cord for ease of replacement.
  • Refrigeration compartment grill easy to remove and replace.
Easy to Load.
  • Torsion Pak holds door in open position for ease of loading.
  • Reversible doors.
  • Removable header for conversion to 6 shelf unit at time of purchase.
Other Features:
  • Optional locking door.
  • Ability to ship coolers and venders at the same time to reduce freight cost.

Download PDF: Mr. Pure – Vision Cooler