Health Timer – RVCFH-027 Cooler

  • High density, foamed-in-place, one-piece cabinet provides maximum degree of structural integrity.
  • Units can be stacked three high optimizing inventory storage space— proof of cabinet strength.
  • Grill made of heavy gauge steel for durability.
Easy to Maintain.
  • Slide in/out refrigeration module allows for ease of cleaning and replacement.
  • Temperature control not visible to loader or customer, discouraging unnecessary adjustment.
  • NSF certified, UL listed and designed for low power consumption to meet today’s and tomorrow’s agency requirements.
  • Lamp shield protects packaged food in the cooler in case of accidental lamp breakage.
  • No exposed wiring on outside of cooler optimizing safety and cosmetic appearance.
  • Two piece power cord for ease of replacement if ever needed.
  • Refrigeration compartment grill easy to remove and replace for cleaning and servicing access.
  • ENERGY STAR® Tier 3 compliant.
Easy to Load.
  • Torsion Pak holds door in open position for ease of loading.
  • Easily reversible doors to meet location requirements.
Shelving and door options.
  • Standard 6-shelf model with full-length glass door with decal at top, and 20% greater storage capacity.
  • Also available in 5-shelf model with separate, lighted, and customizable sign header above door.
  • Beverage can/bottle shelf guides available upon request.

Download PDF: VisionCooler_healthtimerRVCFH027_04082015