Dasani – ADA GIII Plus Vendor 3D Vis Style

G3sheet_Dasani3DVisStyle_04072015-1More Than Just Good Looks.
  • One, highly reliable, stepper motor to vend all columns for greater reliability and less service calls.
  • Package flexibility without shims, adjustments, and kits
Best Space to Sales Detail.
  • 12 columns versus 10 on other venders providing better space-to-sales management and increasing profitability
Product Delivery Sensor.
  • Highly reliable across the wide spectrum of today’s products and performs to the highest standards.
Energy Efficient.
  • Econocool refrigeration system
  • ENERGY STAR® Tier 3 compliant
  • Embedded energy management capability allows you to reduce energy consumption further
  • Optional CO2 refrigeration deck. This alternative refrigerant has zero carbon emissions.
  • Optional LED lighting decreases energy consumption and increases lighting system life
Did you know?
  • GIII machines have vended over 36 Billion Coca-Cola products. l The GIII Plus is 99% plus recyclable.

Download PDF: ADA Dasani GIII Plus Vendor 3D Vis Style