Dr. Pepper – RVV 700

Get More with the new RVV 700
More Capacity • More Selections • More Features

50 Facings means:

  • more product selections
  • increase capacity
  • 11% reduction in fill rates/yr • even 2% space to sales
  • straight on package viewing optimizes brand marketing

20% faster vend time than other glass front venders leads to more sales and accommodates the “lunch hour rush”

Reduces service time per call by 50% which means:

  • huge service savings – repair of any given service items does not exceed 15 minutes
  • one piece refrigeration system can be replaced in 10 minutes – from the front!

Clear, easy to load product retainers allows efficient inventory stocking

Utilizes a “positive drive” vending system- the most reliable vend mechanism available

Download PDF: RVV 700 Dr Pepper