Custom Space-to-Sales – Merlin IV

  1. Push the mode button on the control board.
  2. Push #1 selection until “PASS,” hit the #3 selection, then input pass code (4231).  Note:  Revision 67100-6 and higher will not include PASS.
  3. Push #1 selection until “STOS,” then push #3 selection to enter in.
  4. Push #1 selection until “OPT 0,” and enter in with the #3 selection.  The LED will scroll “SL 1” through “SL10,” then “NONE.”
  5. Hold the #3 selection until “OPT 0,” then scroll to “CSTS” with the #1 selection.
  6. Enter into “CSTS” with #3 selection; you will see “SL1 none.”  (“SL 1” is selection 1, and “none” means no columns are assigned to this selection.)
  7. Enter into the selection you wish to assign.  You will see “C1” (column 1).
  8. Scroll through the columns with the #1 selection.
  9. Push the #3 selection at the column you wish to assign.
  10. The column you picked will start to flash (flashing = assigned, not flashing = unassigned).
  11. Once you have assigned the column to the selection, exit out by holding down on the #3 selection until you see SL, followed by the column you assigned.
  12. Scroll through all the selections and assign columns to selection buttons.
  13. Once you are done, hold down the #3 selection button to exit out.

Download as pdf: Custom Space-to-Sales – Merlin IV