Coca-Cola – ADA RVV-500 Plus

VisionVendor500_coke_04072015-1More Than Just Good Looks.
  • Positive drive vend mechanism
  • Package flexibility without shims, adjustments, and kits
  • Cabinet design provides superior structural integrity for longevity
  • Optical validation of product delivery
  • Optional interior colors:
    • white or black interior to support your specific requirements
Easy to Maintain.
  • Service refrigeration system without removing lower shelf
  • Shelf removal redesign for ease of cleaning
Easy to Store and Place.
  • Small footprint for ease of transport and placement
  • Stacks three high for efficient use of warehousing space
Energy Efficient.
  • ENERGY STAR® Tier 3 compliant
  • Embedded energy management capability allows you to reduce energy consumption further

Download PDF: VisionVendor500_coke_04072015