409. Updates to Health Timer Freezer software

SUBJECT: Updates to Health Timer Freezer software
MODELS: Health Timer Freezers (serial numbers 201713RA00001 through 201730RA99999 only)

Royal Vendors has received reports from customers of Health Safety controller boards locking the door in some cases on Health Timer Freezers with R290 refrigeration. These lock-outs seem to be random in nature, but factors such as ambient temperature and humidity of the location, frequency of door openings, the length of time the door is open during removal or filling of product, etc., can cause the Health Safety board to lock the unit. By design, the Royal Vendors Freezer is not a rapid-pulldown unit. In response to these health timer lockouts, we recommend that the temperature setpoint for the Carel controller be changed from -7° F (-21.7° C) to -10° F (-23.3° C) on all R290-refrigerant Freezers. In conjunction with this setpoint change, we also recommend that the Health Safety controller board be replaced under Royal Vendors’ warranty exchange policy. The replacement board from Royal Vendors will contain a 30-minute grace period for the health timer (which complies with NAMA guidelines), versus the 15-minute grace period in the unit’s existing Health Safety controller software. We feel confident that these recommended changes will improve the Freezer’s performance.

Download PDF: Service Bulletin 409