285. Energy Star Tier 2 Compliant Control Boards

SUBJECT: Energy Star Tier 2 Compliant Control Boards
MODELS: All USA / Canadian venders (except RVV NG)

Effective 1 July 2007, most new Royal Vendors equipment manufactured for use in the USA (including Puerto Rico) and Canada are Energy Star Tier 2-qualified. All Tier 2-qualified equipment can be identified by the placement of the temperature sensor directly below the vender’s product chute. All non-Tier 2 venders will have the temperature sensor mounted on the cabinet wall behind the evaporator fan motor. To accommodate use in both older and newer venders, all control boards have a new configuration in the internal menu to switch between Tier 1 (older) and Tier 2 (newer) operation. NOTE: All RVV NGs are already Energy Star Tier 2-qualified by design.

Download PDF: Service Bulletin 285